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Appearance. Clockwork's exact appetence is unknown, s/he is a small, wooden bird that fits in Cedar's hand. Name. Clockwork probably get her/his name because s/he was a part of a cuckoo clock.

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Clockwork also has a pocket watch in replace of her eye which will glow a fluorescent green color in the dark, along with her regular eye, which is a sign of her presence. The Brain’s Clockwork A new study finds that the brain has hundreds of trillions of clocks—synapses! Posted Oct 10, 2019 Personality Clockwork is a cold and calculating Ghost, who often takes a neutral and calm tone under most circumstances. He is unpredictable in his logic, but his end goals are always for the best interests of time itself.

She is a serial killer affiliated with the Creeps, and is the girlfriend of Toby Rogers.

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Clockwork is a wooden cuckoo without a clock and belongs to Cedar Wood. Cedar did not get her pet Clockwork on Legacy Year like a lot of the students did.

Hinges Book One: Clockwork City: 01: Mcclaren, Meredith:

Clockwork personality

He is voiced by David Arquette. 1 Personality 1.1 Abilities 2 Role in the series 3 Episode Appearances 4 Gallery 5 Site navigation Like the real Skully, Clockwork Skully sometimes acts like a small 2017-09-25 · Though unpopular for the last few decades, punishing criminals by reforming them was once the predominant approach. 2 Anthony Burgess poignantly described one prominent concern that led to its demise: Coerced reform risks turning people into “clockwork toy[s] to be wound up by . .

Clockwork personality

Each bot comes with a set of four trait cards, characteristics that alter the “personality” and the way the automated opponent behaves.
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Clockwork is a violet cloaked ghost with a pale face and time staff, which he uses often.

**Very light spoiler for Goodfellas. I say where Henry Hill ends up, but this is common historical knowledge.
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She is a serial killer affiliated with the Creeps, and is the girlfriend of Toby Rogers. 1 Biography 2 Personality 3 Physical Appearance 4 Skills and Abilities 5 Possessions 6 Relationships 6.1 Family 6.2 Toby Rogers 7 Trivia TBA TBA TBA Enhanced Human Physiology: Clockwork seems to possess some Natalie Ouellette,or as she is more famously known,Clockwork,is the titular main protagonist turn antagonist of the Creepypasta story "Clockwork: Your Time Is Up" She is a vengeful and cruel serial killer who mutilates her victims at night, and is commonly known for her clock in her eye.