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"Trickster… Welcome to my Velvet Room." He greeted. "T-Trickster?" He questioned, wondering why he called him that. "So you've come to, Inmate." The kid on the left said. "The you, in reality, is currently fast asleep." The one on the right explained. "You're only experiencing this as a dream." "A dream?" He asked. "You're in the presence of our master. Welcome to the Velvet Room, my dear guests.

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Show your might Hey everyone! I’m Ado, and I’m an artist, streamer, and cosplayer. I love what I do, but I don’t get paid to do it. I own 10 different askblogs and I cosplay a lot, it’s one of my favorite hobbies, but I’m kinda out of a job for a while until I can get one at college, but I also what to make these hobbies into my jobs!

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Welcome (back) to the Velvet Room dirtbagtrashcat. Chapter 5: The man who pulls the strings Trickster, the Velvet Room’s host does not give it its shape.

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Trickster welcome to my velvet room

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Trickster welcome to my velvet room

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"Welcome to my Velvet Room." Words he never wanted to hear again. Especially not in that voice. Armed with memories of a distant future, Akira's out to leave the world better than he left it. And this time, a certain Kouhai's here to help!